Helen's clear memories of her late father regularly using this vintage blow torch and watching him hand carving a likeness of his own hand made this an emotional commission for all of us. The blow torch was in a condition commensurate with its age and use and took a while to polish. The carving was stained with a Dutch oil courtesy of Rosemary Wright Artist and Maker (Look her up on Facebook)

Sally wanted to transform her father's vintage possession into a useful keepsake. We undertook to re-purpose a vintage paraffin lamp and a small portable paraffin stove. Both were in  a condition commensurate with heavy usage and about 60 years of age. 

Katherine asked if we could make a gift for her brother and one for her father, an ex Royal Navy serviceman and carpenter. We managed to track down a WW2 Admiralty signal lamp and, although in a poor condition, we were able to refurbish and rewire it to modern standards. Mounted upon a reclaimed piece of Sea Groyne it made an ideal gift.

Katherine asked for a maritime themed lamp for brother. We  managed to locate an abandoned small boat propeller which we mounted on a beautiful piece of driftwood that we had located on the Northumberland coast. We can't guess where the driftwood came from but we can confidently say it is a perfect fit for this lamp and will give pleasure years to come.

Sarah remembered her Aunt using a sewing machine so, when it was discovered after 14 years rusting in a barn, it was too precious to throw away.

"Can you do something with this?" was the question that we simply love to hear.

We think the resulting lamp is stunning, and more importantly so does Sarah.  

Liz asked me to create some gifts for her "car crazy" husband after the piece he wanted  from our Windsor show sold before he could get there. She told us that he was particularly  passionate about the Subaru make. Coincidentally we were able to find a crankshaft from a Subaru Imprezza and so a lamp was born, sat upon a brake disc from the same model of vehicle. 

"While you are doing that can you make us a small table?" asked Liz.  The answer was an emphatic "oh yes!" from us. We love making new things and this was an opportunity to do just that.

Opal Seabrook - (who is a brilliant fused glass artist - see her on Instagram@opalseabrook) asked if we could do something with a vintage military signal lamp and box. During our conversation she mentioned that she was a real Dr.Who fan, which sparked my imagination, with the following results.

The before pictures followed by the finished article in a short video - perhaps turn your sound up:

boosst .financial - a company that focuses upon forward planning with   an ethos of preservation and waste elimination, in evidence by the use of and recycled items into office furniture, made with pleasure by us.